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About Us

Formerly known as Charmed in New England, we Transfigured into Oliver's Wands and Wizarding Wares on July 29, 2017, fulfilling the needs and dreams of Wizards both young and old for a place in New England where all can come together and share their Love of the boy, "Just Harry", who became a great Wizard!

We sell licensed and inspired Harry Potter collectables, toys and gifts, chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans...Did we mention our Wands?

Come and experience The Magic of Oliver's!


The above pictured vehicle is privately owned and registered here in Massachusetts. It is not the official car from the movies as we are not associated nor affiliated with Warner Brothers.
Harry Potter characters, names and related indicia are © & TM Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.. Publishing Rights ©JKR .(s18)

Established in 2009, Charmed began as an idea that flourished from an on line store to a 1500 square foot Spiritual Emporium in the first four years. In our sixth year in business, we relocated to beautiful downtown Maynard, Massachusetts in 2015. Charmed then became two floors, with Lady Tara's Tea Room and retail merchandise on the top floor and Conjure Apothecary, The New England Magick Academy Classroom

and Lady Tara's Workshop on the lower level.

Combining the success of Charmed with the inspiration for Oliver's we decided to move forward cohesively with the growing needs of the community and on July 29, 2017, Charmed's brick and mortar store Transformed into Oliver's Wands and Wizarding Wares, with licensed Harry Potter collectables, books, games and memorabilia. We also have an old fashioned penny candy section full of treats and sweets!

Oliver's still carries many of the Charmed products you know and Love :

Packaged herbs, incense, spell and potion kits, smudge sticks, mojo bags, Magickal Supplies, candles, including Lady Tara's 7 Day Prayer Candles.


The New England Magick Academy classroom still has your favourite classes and workshops.


We still have Tarot, Mediumship and Tea Leaf Readings in Lady Tara's Tearoom, along with the finest organic teas and accessories.

Our Familiars

Jack and Gypsy are the official house Familiars and can be seen each day greeting customers and frolicking between our front windows and Conjure Apothecary.

Both Jack and Gypsy are rescue cats form CaRMaH in Hudson, MA.

Jack is The King here at Oliver's and Gypsy is our resident Professor for The Responsible Care of Rescue Animals and Creatures.

They are both healing support animals, soon to be registered as such.

They are Loving and Friendly with all visitors to Oliver's, especially the many children that visit us each day.

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Although we are thrilled to share the Love of Harry Potter with all of you and approved to sell licensed Harry Potter merchandise, we are not affiliated with Warner Brothers, Universal Studios or JK Rowling.Harry Potter characters, names and related indicia are © & TM Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.. Publishing Rights ©JKR .(s18)